Our Daily Commute

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Our City is growing at an exciting pace, and we need traffic solutions that help our residents and visitors move smoothly throughout the area. Arlington is one of the largest Metropolitan cities in the country without a strong public transportation system. Establishing a real plan for public transportation increases economic revenue, creates job opportunities, and saves taxpayers’ thousands on needed road repair.

Our Service

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Our City has embraced technology in ways many cities have not- but we can and should do more. Online tools are useful for those with internet access, however much of the permit processes and information is still confusing for our residents and business owners. We should work regularly with business owners, residents and technology experts to make these processes easier to navigate. We should never stop making the necessary changes needed to keep Arlington in the lead with technological advantages.

Our Schools

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As a second-generation graduate of Arlington High School, and mother to a student in AISD schools, Arlington’s public school system is personal to me. We know the incredible leaders that we produce, and the quality instruction that we give our students. Our council priorities should reflect the priorities of our school board to ensure that Arlington children have access to the top notch public education they deserve. We should also work to ensure that they are always prepared to compete in a global economy.  

Our Home

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Arlington is a city that everyone can call home. From new residents to established multigenerational families- we must work together to create a city that is safe, prosperous, and affordable for all. Working to create more living wage jobs, supporting local small businesses, and investment in affordable housing are critical elements to creating the ideal hometown. We should leave no resident beyond, from newborns to our seniors, we are all in this together.